This is Oliver. I’m his emotional support human.

This is Oliver. I’m his emotional support human. He has always been a very sweet pup, but recently he’s become anxiety ridden whenever the kids leave for school. It’s not the kind of anxiety that manifests in barking or undesirable behaviors, he just simply needs held.

It all began after our extended COVID-19 summer break. I think he just got used to having everyone home. When they went back to school again, it threw him off kilter. It’s ok buddy, I miss them too. The little guy understands treats and bedtime, but when I tell him about separation anxiety or emotional insecurity he just draws a blank. How I wish I could explain it to him.

Some days he just takes it as it comes, grabs a sloppy water snoot and naps. Other days, he brings me his wooby and we distract ourselves with a game of “who killed the wooby better”. I even let him win sometimes. Days like today, when I find a sunny window for reading, he’ll commandeer my lap and insist on the snuggles. It’s been a long twelve months, buddy, and life returning to normal is a good thing, I promise.


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