Two Refrigerators, a new kitchen design hack

It’s the first thing I hear whenever anyone walks into my kitchen. “Whoa, you have two refrigerators!”, usually followed by envy, curiosity, and oftentimes a comparison to the very expensive two door single refrigerator that retails beyond my budget.

With a family of six, I found that my old refrigerator just wasn’t big enough. It was also very old and stuck out several inches from the surrounding cabinets. The grate was long gone, and I think I saw a pack of antique dealers in front of my house one day trying to get a glimpse of the water filter through the window. After many years of listening to it groan, mumble, and squeeze every ounce of energy it had into keeping our food cold, it finally gave up the ol’ appliance ghost.

As I moved warm eggs and milk to a cooler, I tried not to be excited about the prospect of an upgrade. I had picked out the perfect stainless steel counter depth refrigerator/freezer combo and amazingly enough it was half price. After a quick jaunt to Lowes, I realized I had neglected to notice that my cubic footage for food storage had decreased immensely with the counter depth refrigerator. I was bummed.

Then it dawned on me. I quickly measured the width of the space of the ugly surround cabinets. It was enough space for two refrigerators. I searched Pinterest high and low for some inspiration photos. Nothing. Two refrigerators? Maybe this was a terrible idea. I looked up the specs. Could I change the swing of the door? YES. Would it be within my original budget? YES. Would my husband be on board? Yes, he absolutely got on board after I ordered both refrigerators and destroyed the cabinets beyond repair.

They hauled old faithful away and brought in my new babies. I filled the one on the left with all of the drinks and fresh vegetables it could handle. The one on the right houses other foods and fruits. My freezers are organized in a way that has me rejecting offers to have my own show on TLC. (ok, not really). They bring me happiness and they look really nice.

So, if you are asking yourself if you can get away with this look, I want to say yes. Take the measurements, do the math, make sure your outlets can handle the power, and go for it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Having two refrigerators just makes sense.


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  1. Hello. I am doing some kitchen remodeling and thinking about doing this with the Hisense fridges in your picture. I have a question I’m hoping you can help with. Have you had any ventilation issues with your fridges? I’m concerned that with these fridges side-by-side, each fridge may be sucking in the exhaust from the other fridge and risk overheating. Any input you have is much appreciated.


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